Formative Assessment

Formative assessments item bank for Florida educators

The Florida Formative Assessment Bank offers over 45,000 formative assessment items that comprehensively assess the new Florida Standards and NGSSS. Learn why Orange County Public Schools chose to make the FL FAB their official formative assessment bank.

Formative assessments item bank for for Texas educators

STAAR Test Maker offers two solutions for Texas educators: a high-quality, rigorous formative assessment item bank and a test-creation and progress-monitoring software application. Learn why over 800 Texas schools and districts use STAAR Test Maker.

Formative assessments item bank to comprehensively assess College and Career Readiness

Rigor. Reliability. Validity. Tens of thousands of the highest quality assessment items providing comprehensive coverage for all of your district needs. The ReadiBank covers all tested standards for GA, NY, and CA, including NGSS, Social Studies, and Non-Tested / Career and Technical Education courses.



About Us

Progress Testing offers powerful, affordable formative assessment test items to help districts, schools, and teachers monitor student progress. Started in 1999 (formerly known as Teaching Essentials), Progress Testing has been developing exceptional educational tools for more than 17 years.

We specialize in state-specific assessments and serve as a leading provider of assessment tools in Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

Our products provide educators with accurate, comprehensive data to monitor student performance. Districts can better understand school trends; schools can better compare classes, subjects, and teachers; and teachers can better evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their students.

We are excited to announce the launch of ReadiCheck, our new school assessment solution. Powered by Edulastic, ReadiCheck combines rigorous test items and powerful progress monitoring to provide district-level tools for the classroom.

To learn more about our assessment tools, click the links above or call 800-930-TEST today.